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"Tell yourself a different story"

Knowing that he wanted more than his hometown surroundings could offer, David George (born and raised in Boston, MA) moved to New York City at just 20 y.o. to pursue a professional dance career, complete undergrad at St. John's University, and begin an internship at global mass media company Viacom–where he studied production management at VH1.  

With a keen interest and enthusiasm for artistic endeavors that connect people and brands, David got his start in marketing as a sales associate turned Social Stylist at Fortune 500 Company, Gap, Inc. in 2015– managing special talent projects and producing digital content for social media.  In 2016, David transitioned to Los Angeles, becoming a full-time Assistant to internet personality, Rudy Mancuso, expanding his knowledge of the influencer economy.  From there, he moved on to master the digital landscape and work with other popular creators such as Inanna Sarkis, Anwar JibawiLele Pons, and more! Becoming fascinated by the role technology, popular culture, and storytelling play in the way we connect with different audiences today, David set out to establish a lane as a digital marketing professional and creative consultant, launching David George & Co. in 2017.

Merging his eye for creativity and strong head for business, David is open to workshops and speaking engagements that contributes to the empowerment and leadership development of the next generation.

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